Welcome friend!  I am very excited you are here!

It doesn't matter if you arrived through purposeful intent or are just stumbling through...the fact that you are present at this moment means you are searching for something and my sincere hope is you will leave with the gift of some tidbit of knowledge you didn't possess upon your arrival.  

Please take a moment to browse the various pages of this blog.  The content mostly comes from my own personal experiences, but often you will find I have borrowed from others whose wisdom I have found to be exceptionally nurturing.

If you find something which I've authored that resonates with you, it is yours to take to use and share as you see fit.  And if you desire to impart with your own knowledge, I'd be delighted to hear it.

~Namaste and safe travels....

When feeling frustrated, learn to trade your expectations for appreciation and your life will change.

     -Tony Robbins