Helping Dads Become Heros

I had first started Northwest Dad nearly 10 years ago when my boys where still in grade school.  They're grown now and into doing their own things and I no longer maintain that website, but we still enjoy our time together...even though there is a lot more texting and Facebooking (is that even a word?) now.   However, I realized there is still a tremendous need for services catering to the strengthening of family relationships, particularly those relationships which are forced to evolve around seperations and divorce.  My past experience of being a single dad with joint custody of two young kids leaves me with a unique perspective that I wholeheartedly believe needs to be shared.  You're not going to find any spouse bashing here and there will never be this person vs that person discussions.  Instead I'll do my best to offer things that really matter.  Like what can you do with your kids that gives you the max experience for the least cost...or better yet no cost?  What are the experiences your kids are most likely to remember over the years.  What resources are available to you if you really need help with housing, job search or job skills, car trouble, etc.  

I'll attempt to post links here and update as often as is reasonable, and I encourage your feedback so things can be shared with others.